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Little Rascals / Junior Suite

We have decided to make a very special place purely for puppies and young Dogs from 14 weeks old up to 12-24 months old to intergrate them into coming into kennels.

This will suit most sizes of very young dogs then depends upon size and availability as they get older.

We have designed the room so that all of the dogs can actually see each other during play time. 

We have a very large area that we can have one to one play time out with your puppy or young dog on our mats with toys and mini ball pool. Whilst your puppy has play time he/she will always be supervised.

We walk the dogs in line with the new Government Legislation.

20 minute walks at least twice per day and or 20 minutes time out one of our 4  Exercise areas. (Play parks)

We also do extra walks and or play time in the fields or play parks as much as possible for the Little Rascals, Juniors and Dinkies.

We currently use approx. 6 acres of land, which we own, to walk and play with dogs.

We have sections that are fenced off that we can let the dogs off the lead too.

We must obviously get to know the dog first and have the Owners written permission.

If your dog has limitations with health and lengths of walks can you please let us know on arrival.

We now have a Full Multi-sensory Enrichment plan in place, that we use on a daily basis for the puppies that come to stay with us, details are on the drop down box above. We use a rota system which we have situated in our New Reception.

Once your puppy  or young dog is past 18-24 months old then we can offer quiet kennel accommodation in a block of kennels that will house no more  than 4 kennels.

This will ensure that all the hard work of settling your puppy in from a very young age will continue until what ever age you feel that your puppy is then ready to move into our Junior accommodation.

This will be a different time in every puppies life, and hopefully we will be in a position to give your puppy the best start possible and continue this through your puppies life journey so they are very very happy when they come to stay with us for their holidays, giving you piece of mind to enjoy your holidays.

However we feel it is extremely important that puppies are set off with the most pleasurable experience ever of kennels. 

Over the years I have heard so many people say to me " my puppy was in another kennel and it had a bad experience" well forgive me but I personally think that no Dog/Cat should ever have a bad experience in kennels no matter what there age is.I think puppies especilly need guided and encouraged that it is okay not to be with "Mam and Dad" and that there are lots of nice ways to show them this.

We want EVERY DOG in our care to come to our Kennels, have a fantastic time, go home happy and ultimately always want to come back to stay with us. This is fantastic to see and gives all Owners peace of mind whilst they enjoy their well earned holiday. 

We want to break the mould with our kennels and offer Dogs/Cats different accommodation to suit there individual needs where they will feel loved, safe, well cared for and happy, just like with "Mam and Dad".

Here at Tutehill we are not just an ordinary Kennels!!

Our Junior suite  consists of 4 kennels in a similar set up.

This can be used as young puppies grow or for the larger breeds of dogs.

Large Breed dogs, depending upon size and age, usually 6-12 months old may be too big for some of the rooms so alternative accommodation in our New Junior Suite.This has been designed with larger breeds in mind.

The standard of care will remain the same.

Both buildings have  doubled glazed windows and doors for warmth and security.

The buildings are situated right opposite Sharon's house so she has easy access to it day and night.

We have also added a new enterance to our Cattery right next door and made a 2nd feed room which will also be used for the puppies.

We have fridge and freezer facilities to accommodate different diets.

We have washing facilities for dog bedding too.


We do not accept Bean Bags or Duvets/Quilts bigger than SINGLE size.

We have designed both buildings  to look like a nursery, with bright colours making each section unique but practical for the ability to look after Puppies and dogs from as young as 14 weeks old up to 18-24 months old depending upon Breed and size.We have 6 puppy pens and 4 Junior pens available.



Your room is charged by the day. We charge for Arrival day and Departure day. 

You can drop your puppy off from 8 am weekdays and 9 am weekends and have up until the close of day on departure day to collect your puppy.

If you collect your puppy on Departure day between 9 am -10 am we can waive the departure day charge. (This must be done at the time of making the booking)

Please go to our Pricing page for details of our prices for The Little Rascals. Discount is given for more than 1 Puppy/Junior sharing.

Please note we ask all Owners to provide food for their puppy for the duration of their stay so we do not upset their tummies.

For any queries or to arrange a viewing please do not hesitate to contact Sharon/Patrick on 01946 833502.

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