Extra Large Play Park

We now have 4 Play Parks in total.

Our Play Parks are available to all our guests as well as the usual amount of walks.

The play parks are a brilliant way for all the dogs to let off steam and have some individual quality time with a member of staff. For all the young energetic dogs they are a good way to play games, chase a ball, or use our agility equipment.

All our equipment is for beginners and is low to the ground so none of the dogs can injure themselves.

For the older dogs it is a great opportunity to have a nice wander about and even a laze in the sun.

The play parks are fantastic way to break up the day and all the dogs can be let off the leads as they are secure and safe.

Here at Tutehill Kennels we try our best to make sure the dogs are out on walks, time in the play parks as much as is physically possible. Our day starts from 5 am each day until late evening. Sharon and Joe live on site and are fully hands on.

Our dedicated team of staff come in from 7am until 6pm each day to help out too. We try to make sure that your pet is not just left in their kennel but that they enjoy their stay with us with as much walks , play and activities as possible. We want your pet to have the most enjoyable stay ever so they will want to come back again and again.


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