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Tutehill Kennels have taken over the license for all the stray dogs found in our area, and are now providing a very efficient Animal Rescue & Rehoming Service for all the dogs that are unclaimed by their owners.

The stray dogs are brought to Tutehill Rescue & Rehoming Centre then hopefully re-united with their very worried owners within 8 days. After the 8 days, any dogs that are unclaimed are then registered into the Rescue Centre. They are fed and loved at Sharon & Joe Roger's own expense, until they find each and everyone of them a genuine Forever Home, no matter how long it takes.

All the dogs they do re-home are fully Micro-chipped, free of charge, and given a neutering voucher if required, before going with their new owners. We will also give little welcome packs with sample foods, treats and vouchers for a local pet shop. You will also have telephone backup and if you do experience any teething problems, you can be directed to the right person for help, training & guidance.

We ask that if the dog is not working out with your family after you have taken all the help on board, then bring it back to us and not give it away to anyone else.

Please note Tutehill Rescue & Rehoming Centre do NOT swap dogs, we do not take them back and exchange them for a different one!

A dog is for life

Can I please remind everyone BEFORE you take a dog on; you must consider it very carefully. Taking a dog on is a very big commitment and is for LIFE. It will effect you and your family and alter your lifestyle drastically. They have needs and feelings just like we do. Taking on a rescue dog has added considerations as a lot of these dogs have not had the love, training or commitment spent on them, so sometimes they do have problems. DO NOT give up on them within a few weeks, if this happens, take time out to seek professional help to try and fix the problems before giving up on them. Remember they have already been give up on and that's why they ended up with us in the first place. You would not give up on your children if they did not turn out exactly how you wanted them to so why give up on your dog. Every dog deserves a second chance and here at Tuthill Rescue & Rehoming Centre, that's what we are trying to do.

If you need to rehome your dog, please contact us. We may not be able to take you dog, but we can put you in touch with people who can.

Tuesday, 01 April 2014 09:25

New For 2014

NEW FOR 2014


An extra large new play park; making it 4 in total.

Individually your dog can have one to one play time with a member of staff at least twice per day as well as our normal 3 walks per day.


Early morning drop off times; From 6am-8am

You can arrange an early morning drop off time from 6am until 8am any day to give you a good early start to your holiday. The extra one off cost is £5.00.


Day Boarding; Set price.

We offer Doggie Day care Boarding from 8am-6pm Monday- Friday at a cost of £8.00per day. Your dog will have plenty of walks throughout the day and individual play time in one of our play parks with a member of staff. Food can be given, if provided, during the day.


Extra Quiet Kennels.

We can now offer extra quiet kennels away from the hussle and bussle of our busy blocks.This is a stress free environment and is fantastic for young, old and nervous or timid dogs. We can spend plenty of time with them to build up their confidence and they will be walked in a lovely green field away from all the other dogs.



Deluxe Rooms.

New for us and for you.

We have Deluxe rooms for your pet to stay in this year.

We can offer a comfortable homely family room in our quiet area where your dog can have some home comforts. We try to cater for your dogs individual needs and have them chilled out and stress free.Each room will have a leather sofa, soft blankets and beds. Heat lamps and back ground music. They will be walked at least 4 times daily starting from 5am each day. These can be used for individual dogs or groups of family dogs to share.

For further information please ask.


Breakfast Menu; Free

Now included is our breakfast range.

We offer cereals, Milk, Scrambled eggs, Toast and Butter.


A La Carte Menu.

Treat your pet to a home cooked meal during their stay. We offer a range of safe meal options for your pet to enjoy at reasonable prices. This can be added to their usual tea time meal or for an occasional or special Birthday treat.This includes, pasta, rice, baked potatoes, fish, mince and gravy, vegetable pots,vegatable and fruit sticks. A taste of homecooked food, just like at home!


New Block of 6 Double kennels with outside runs.

We have adapted one of our older buildings into a block of 6 double kennels all with large outside runs. With a seperate enterance way. This is great for big dogs, or any dogs that are not too keen on other dogs. It is situated near 2 of our other main blocks and has direct access to our new play park.

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